ANA Annual Scholarship Program to Pursue a Career in Business

Do you want a career in business? It seems like you have to study in a business study program. But sometimes the cost of going to business is not cheap. Now there is a solution that you can use, namely by looking for scholarship assistance either full or part time scholarship. There is one interesting offer that is suitable for you to apply, namely the ANA Annual Scholarship Program. This is one of the attractive funding sources that can be used by students who want or are in business.

Overview about ANA Annual Scholarship Program

ANA Annual Scholarship Program is one of the scholarship assistance provided annually by A Neumann & Associates, LLC. What is the A Neumann & Associates, LLC? This is a well-known legal aid agency and business advisory in the USA. This institution located in New Jersey always contributes to the development of the business world to enable anyone to improve their knowledge and skills in business.

Eligibility Criteria of the Scholarship

ANA Annual Scholarship will be obtained if you fulfill the following criteria.

  1. Firstly, you have to get GPA (Grade Point Average) of your business academic 3.0.
  2. Secondly, if you are graduate student, make sure that you have to obtain baccalaureate degree.
  3. Thirdly, the scholarship is offered for you who submit an essay, resume, course license, and GPA license.

The Value of Scholarship

Are you interested in business career? You can obtain business scholarship in that field. If you take the business program, you will get $1,000 per year. The amount of scholarship is enough to fulfill your daily needs in continuing your study.

Level and Subject of Study

Of course, the scholarship is suitable for you who take the field of study especially in Business. Moreover, it is also suitable for you who take management, marketing, and related other fields related to the business program.

Host of Institution

To apply this scholarship, make sure that you want to apply in or now are in Business, W. P. Carey School of marketing, business, management and more.

How To Apply The Scholarship

Before applying this scholarship, it’s a must for you to prepare some requirements that  are required by the committee of the scholarship offer. What are the requirements must be fulfilled and prepared?

  1. Write  an essay (+500 words, double spaced) entitled “What It Takes to Be Successful in Business”
  2. Curriculum vitae / Resume
  3. The latest GPA proof

Bookmark this valuable link to obtain the helpful guideline to apply the scholarship correctly. By using this link, you are not difficult to apply it in your beloved home. Sit and apply it in your gadget so in short time, you will get sureness to use the scholarship.

The Deadline of ScholarshipDeadline of purposing the scholarship should be ended shortly and if you are success to make an essay as the requirement of getting the scholarship, the award will be announced on April 15. Nevertheless, if you take second period; the announcement will be known on September. Moreover, after you have got the announcement about your essay you will be paid on May 30 and October 30. Be quick to apply and register the scholarship in order to keep the chance of getting the ANA Annual Scholarship Program shortly

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