Generation Change Fellows Program 2019 (USIP) to United States

Generation Change Fellows Program 2019 (USIP) to United States – The United States Institute of Piece (USIP) offers a fully funded fellowship program named Generation Change Fellows Program 2019. USIP fellowship aims to “Think, act, teach, and train” across the spectrum of international conflict. It’ll be focus on how to make a good prevention, management, and resolution conflict. It’s to help societies to rise up from the period of post-conflict stabilization. This is one of fully funded fellowship which is dedicated to strengthening the capacity of young leader. This program duration is five days, from 20th March to 21st March 2019.

About the Generation Change Fellow Program

Young people under the age of 35 and upper than 18 have the opportunity to be powerful agents of change. USIP develops the Generation Change Fellows Program (GCFP) to conquer this isolation in the community of the practice. The training will be as the family-like where all the things discussed and tell in a group. This training also gains the existing knowledge and skills from the participants through the training and guidance. USIP with the trainer will partner the participants in community-led peace to get ideas for building initiatives.

About the Training

The focus of this training is actually given to participants from countries that are in a state of conflict or having a potential conflict. In the training, participants will be taught how to handle or manage conflict. At least there are several points that will be carried out with the training, including;

  • Training will be held in five days; at that time, USIP will offer several effective training related to leadership, conflict management, awareness and prejudice reduction. What’s for? It’s hoped for helping participation to upgrade their endurance to have greater impact in their own communities in their country.
  • On this training, participants will be provided a safe zone to share their own ideas, stories, and practice constructive conversations. Deeply, they are hoped able to get new tool to understand conflict resolution.
  • The participants also are hoped able to have the expertise in conflict resolutions fields and the leadership development.

The Financial Support

USIP provides Financial Support for this fully funded fellowship and it covers:

  • Participant lodging
  • Airfare
  • Visa expenses
  • Meals for each participant
  • Cost of flight, etc.

Eligibility Criteria

To be able to get this fellowship, you must be fulfilling the eligible criteria:

  • Must be 18-35 years old
  • Live and work in Afghanistan and Pakistan
  • Having ability on writing, reading, and speaking English
  • Having a good ability on leadership role whether in an organization/company and more
  • Have no the bad record on disturbing peace building work
  • Commitment to participate and learn from facilitators and peers
  • Having a passport which is valid till October 2019

How to Apply Generation Change Fellows Program

Please answer the following question with as much detail as possible in no more than 400 words and download the application from given link below

United States

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