WiNUP Fellowship, Annual Scholarship for Females Pursuing Advanced Degrees

WiNUP Fellowship, Annual Scholarship for Females Pursuing Advanced Degrees – There is no reason for women not to be highly educated. Unlike the old days, now women are encouraged to be able to achieve higher education. The duty of women is not only to become a date home mom, but also to participate in developing better human civilization in the world. To study higher, women now do not have to pay personal expenses but can rely on several other funding sources, one of them is fellowship and scholarship. One fellowship program that is quite feasible to apply is WiNUP Fellowship.

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A Brief Description about WiNUP Fellowship

WiNUP Fellowship is a program initiated by, an organization that focuses on empowering women throughout the world. WiNUP itself stands for The Women’s International Network of Utility Professionals. This organization provides a variety of assistance to women including scholarships for anyone and from any country to pursue a higher degree. It’s convinced that women can indeed have influence in industry with their educational pursuits.

Three Kinds of Scholarship and Value

This time WiNUP has 3 types of scholarships offered for women who will or are taking higher education in regional or other universities. What are the three scholarships offered? Some of the details are as follows along with the value:

  • The Louisan Gamers Fellowship = $ 500 annually.
  • The Lyle Mamer Fellowship = $ 1,000 annual grant
  • The Julia Kiene Fellowship = $ 2,000 annually.

Subject of Study

It is then important to know which subject of the study program is possible or allowed to apply. There are a number of courses majoring in scholarships from WiNUP, including the following;

  • Business administration
  • Accounting
  • Engineering
  • Environmental sciences
  • information technologies
  • Communication and so on.

Eligible Criteria and Requirement

To be able to register this scholarship, you need to do some criteria. First of all you have to know what the criteria are so that you can then adjust to the conditions of yourself. Here are of them:

  1. Scholastic record from regionally or nationally accredited university
  2. College activities
  3. Post-college activities
  4. Recognition and honors
  5. Employment history
  6. Financial status
  7. Applicant statement
  8. References from faculty member

How to Apply

Then to be able to start applying, then you must first fulfill the above conditions. Then there are also several steps that you can actually do. It is in several processes below:

  1. Read the requirement
  2. Download application form (
  3. Print the form
  4. Fulfill the form
  5. Attach some requirements
  6. Sent by post not more than 1 may each year


This scholarship is opened every year, while the deadline is May 1 (by stamp post) annually. Meanwhile for nominee notifications will be announced by June 30 of each year.

More Links

To know more about another important things you have to know about WiNUP fellowship, you can visit and read more carefully at the link bellow;

Those are some of the explanations about the WiNUP fellowship that you can know. Hopefully with some of these explanations, you can get the opportunity to apply. Good luck.

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