Man Catches Parents Contributing 20k for Invigilators at NECO Exam

A man has shared his experience at a NECO exam center via instagram. He claimed to have withnessed  parents contributing the sum of twenty thousand Naira to invigilators to help their children in the NECO common entrance exam.

On his social media page he wrote;

Nigeria is a great nation and will forever be a great nation. Nothing is wrong with my country, but some people are pretty determine to kill Nigeria. 

I finally know what depression feels like after experiencing this on Saturday when I decided to help my neighbour take his son for common exterance examination, because they had a family emergency. Whenever I see a group of parent gather during such exam I always know they are up to something. How do you pay bribe for someone to write common Common extrance examination for your child and the child is aware of this? How? How? How?

Is the question I was asking myself and its sad they were all Igbo parents. What is really wrong with us in this country? Are some people mad or madding or maded? I will make sure I expose that external invigilator when the results are out. Please help me repost 

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